Do you need to stop production because of a broken cable, faulty electronics or problems in the hydraulic system?

We can fix them all and more
on the job site or in our workshop.

Our technicians are specialised in fixing:

Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic problems for foundation machines, pumps, hydraulic hammers and mixers.

Service includes:

  • Service, maintenance and approval of electric hand tools (NEN3140)

  • Repairing measuring and controlling equipment

  • Tracking down and fixing general electric malfunctions

  • Mechanic and hydraulic maintenance

Some of the previous work we have done:

Installing brand new TomTech III system

We installed a brand new TomTech III monitoring system, that supports the following drilling techniques:
Ground displacement with single or double grout injection
– Pilling for concrete piles or steel tubes
– Cast-In-Situ (Vibro) piles
– Double rotary with Tip pressure for the concrete
And much more.

Restoration of a pump mixing unit

We refurbished a pump mixing unit in a container. The container is completely stripped of rust. Then after intense cleaning work we primed and spray painted it in the correct colours. The pump unit has been completely checked and the wearing parts have been replaced. Also the electricity is checked/replaced.

Welding work on jobsite

An operator called us for fixing a broken piece. We helped him the same day by welding it on site. The operator could then immediately continue his work.

Maintenance on Schwing pump

What started as minor corrective maintenance (the engine no longer started), resulted, after an inspection, in large-scale preventive maintenance.

What our clients say about us

A small impression of our place

For all your technical support you are more than welcome here.
Or, if that’s preferrable, we come to your jobsite with our fully equipped vans.


You can reach us in various ways:

Everdenberg 7A
4902 TT

+31 (0)76 571 77 17


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