2x Projects

Being the third generation of civil engineering technology pioneers, we are proud to launch our new innovations to the market – the 2X series.

The 2X series is based on more than 70 years of experience, including tens of new concepts, creative solutions, break through devices, and patents.
With the support of our clients, we decided to commercialize concepts, technologies and designs, we developed during our history, specially in the nineties.
We have 13 new innovations in our 2X program, covering, virtually, all the ground engineering machinery technologies, and more.
The first member of the 2X program to be produced is the Tommer Hammer. Tommer Hammer is an accelerated hammer for pile driving application.
Tommer Hammer
The hammer has special shaped ram block, which induces very long duration impact pulse into the pile.

As a result, the pile is completely, uniformly, stressed – like by static load – but with dynamic amplitude.

We are constantly increasing our engineering – production – support capacities by hiring more and more personnel, by having larger facilities, and by having more and more production, and support means.
More information coming soon.