Controlling  &  monitoring  systems  for  ground  engineering

Tomer Systems BV  is a knowledge based company, busy, mainly, in ground engineering activities.

The company’s foundations relay on accumulated experience of three generations. Starting in the early sixties, until today, the company is a pioneer in introducing, and applying, of new concepts, new ideas, and new patents, related to all the aspects of ground engineering.

TomeR Systems BV is involved in all the aspects of ground engineering activities, like:

  • Foundation, excavation, and earth moving, production

  • Machinery development, design, and production

  • Loading tests, monitoring, and ground investigations

  • Theories, standards, and codes

Just to mention a few of the innovations:

  • Piles in rock

  • Computerized monitoring

  • Tomer loading test

  • Effector

  • Tommer Hammer

TomeR Systems BV 
is the go-to company for controlling and monitoring systems for the foundation industry.

You get our quality products with quick and flexible assistance and excellent customer service.

Do you find yourself stopping production because of a broken cable or a missing machine part?

We are here for all your needs for machine repair, technical services and maintenance.

You can also contact us for hydraulic and electric solutions, and complete machine designs.

”The strength of TomeR Systems BV is the ability to combine decades of knowledge and experience, in the fields of electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, computerizing and ground engineering.”

Some of the many projects we worked on:

Are you a pioneer, looking for ground-breaking new technology?

Our very advanced and versatile products will help you with all your ground work activities, and are all fully customizable to your needs.

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